Job Opportunities

Occupations That Are In Demand

With the demand for certain occupations increasing, it's a good idea to be aware of what jobs are out there.

In every province in Canada there exist positions that need someone with your skillset and experience!


Saskatchewan has been seen as an immigration destination in Canada and it offers many opportunities with its beautiful scenery!


You'll find out that there are over 200 different languages spoken in Manitoba. And people from many cultural backgrounds live together peacefully, too!


Alberta has long been recognized as one of Canada's most prosperous provinces, and it can proudly stake its claim to being a world-class province in that regard today.

British Columbia

Immigrants are warmly welcomed in British Columbia. The province has attracted an average of 35,000 newcomers each year for the past decade and Vancouver is consistently ranked among some of world's most livable cities!

Express Entry Draws

Canadian immigration programs are designed to attract the best and brightest from around the world.

IRCC, Canada’s border agency that manages these draws is looking for people who have skills in demand by Canadian employers with their Express Entry system which allows applicants apply online before being invited into participate at visa workshops where they go through background checks including social media accounts etc., then upon completion if successful will receive an invitation letter allowing them entry as permanent residents.

The next step would typically entail applying within one year of receiving said status but there's no pressure!


This is the first time that Saskatchewan has opened its arms to new immigrants. If you are interested in one or both of these programs, now's your chance!


Manitoba manages their provincial immigration streams through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programs.

The province of Manitoba has a long history with immigration and they're proud to manage their own programs.


Albertans, if you’re looking to bring your family members or investment partners from abroad and wish them the best of luck in their new life here- this is what they need! The AINP invited candidates with CRS scores at least 351.

British Columbia

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is a fantastic way for immigrants to become Permanent Residents in Canada. They conduct draws that allow people from all over the world, including countries like China and India with lower immigration rates.

Things YOU should know about Job Opportunities in Canada

Working in Canada is a great opportunity for immigrants. The country has many job opportunities and the working environment promises fair salaries with excellent quality of life! Canadians are hardworking people, so if you're qualified then there's no better place to immigrate than here. 

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Check your score and then use this information to see how likely you are to get an invitation in the next round.

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